Four Unique And Interesting Restaurants To Choose From In Clermont FL

Get ready to eat some great food in Clermont. This Florida city is home to many fine restaurants. I have shown you four of them so far, but we are about to take a look at four more together. What are you thinking about in terms of food right now? Whatever it is, hopefully you find a good spot to enjoy a meal out of these picks. Here are four Clermont FL restaurants that are at the top of the rankings.

The Crooked Spoon is located at 200 Citrus Tower Boulevard, and it is known for its burgers, kettle chips, duck confit, lobster, chicken and waffles and much more. It is difficult not to find something you will like at this place because it has such a diverse menu. How does a blueberry and brie burger sound to you? As one review puts it, The Crooked Spoon is not your average restaurant.

The Friar Tuck is an English restaurant that is located at 16640 Cagans Crossings Boulevard, and it is also not your average restaurant. Do you know what cottage pies are? This small British restaurant is a popular favorite, and the eclairs look absolutely delicious. Sunday Roast is a popular favorite of reviewers, so you might want to pick that day for a visit if you can. By the way, The Friar Tuck is also a great spot for a delicious breakfast.

Next up is Akina, and it is located at 4300 South Highway 27. Akina is known for its delicious Asian cuisine. Menu favorites include General Tso Chicken, sushi, Singapore noodles and more. Reviews say that this place is specifically known for its Asian fusion cuisine, so prepare for a diverse menu with all kinds of great dishes. Also, people say that this restaurant can get really busy.

One more pick is Troy’s Cuban Deli, and it is located at
1200 Oakley Seaver Drive, and it is known for its Cuban cuisine of course. How does a Cuban sandwich sound right about now? The menu there is full of great eats. It is making me hungry, what about you?

Clermont sure does have some great restaurants. The ones mentioned here cover a wide range of foods. Three of them have such a diverse and unique menu that you might even get to try something new. One thing for sure, you are certainly going to eat well in Clermont FL.