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The Importance Of Evangelizing Children


I find it incredible to observe pastors who discount the importance and value of children by their dismissive and distant attitudes toward them. They seem to have no time whatsoever for children. Such conduct certainly does not reflect anything like Christ likeness toward children, and it denigrates the scripture’s declaration that the man who fathers many children is, indeed, a happy man, Psalm 127.5. If God told men to replenish the earth with children, that children are the heritage of the LORD, that the man with many children should be happy, and we learn from the Savior that He was displeased when His disciples hindered the approach of youngsters to Him, how can it be maintained that children are not a blessing and that their presence can be a great blessing to a church?


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Thinking About Visiting?

If you do not have a Church home and you live in the Los Angeles area you can call our office for directions. Please remember, however, that the thrust of our Church's ministry is to bring the lost to Christ. We are committed to each Christian being faithful to his present Church home.

Schedule of Services: August 3, 2014

Sunday Morning Service: To Be Determined 10:45 a.m.
Sunday Evening Service: Now, Do Right! – Philippians 4.9 6:00 p.m.
Nursery is available during all services.

Quote of the Week

Lukewarmness goes masked under the name of discretion; licentious wantonness in the abuse of the privileges of the gospel, goes veiled with the profession of the liberty of the gospel; and while they profess, they must not be servants to men, they serve their own distempered affections.

Thomas Hooker (1586-1647)

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